Getting started

What is Refurls Share?

Refurls Share offers you Social Media Sharing buttons, as well as the statistics of the amount of shares and visits of the website per social media channel. Refurls Share buttons are easy to implement and 100% safe. Unlike the other providers of free sharing buttons, Refurls buttons are cookie free and privacy protective. We don’t sell nor use your data for advertising purposes.

Refurls offers you the following channels and possibilities to easily share website pages:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • WhatsApp
  • E-mail
  • QR code
  • Short URL
  • Print
  • Yammer
  • Xing
  • Pinterest
  • Refurls Recruitment – tooling voor faciliteren van het Referral Recruitment.
    Everyone can install the Refurls Share and Recruitment buttons for free, after a simple registration.

If you would like to make use of Refurls Share buttons, simply place the html/javascript on your website. No further requirements needed.

For the use of Refurls Recruitment button there are several requirements needed in order to place the button on your website. Please go to “Installation of Refurls Recruitment” for further information on this topic.

Refurls Share on your website

Read everything about the installation of Refurls Share on your website.


What is Refurls Recruitment?

Refurls Recruitment is a tool which offers support for referral recruitment. Users can share content within their network and invite them to apply for jobs by using the Refurls Recruitment button. Refurls Recruitment measures site visits, job applications and hires generated per person and makes it rewardable.

Refurls Recruitment offers:

  • tools to measure site visits, job applications and hires per person;
  • dashboards and statistics for participants with insight in their own data;
  • extended statistics for managers about the results of all participants;
  • leaderboards;
  • targetted messaging to (groups of) participants.

There are several other requirements for having a complete measurement of applications and hires with Refurls Recruitment than there are when using simple Refurls Share buttons:

  • The goal ‘applied’ has to be established in Google Analytics.
  • Data which can be measured has to be given during individual applications.

Refurls Recruitment on your website

Read more about installation, setup and possibilities of Refurls Recruitment: