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+ Multipost to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
+ Search and filter your LinkedIn network
+ View your own statistics
Social Analytics and insights
+ Gain insight in personal shares, visits, applications and hires
+ See what social media channels perform the best
+ Discover your recruitment ambassadors
Reward, Engage, Motivate
+ Leaderboard with your best performing employees
+ Targeted messages
+ Reward your ambassadors for sharing
+ Other Awesomeness
  • Refurls enables you to post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all at once! You can also choose to direct message your LinkedIn network or simply send an email.

  • View which subjects are shared the most and see which social networks perform the best on the Refurls dashboard.

  • Discover your ambassadors through Refurls leaderboard, track who shares the most and see who connected you with valuable candidates.

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